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This November, I’m honored to announce that my work will be featured as the inaugural exhibition at a new gallery opening in Sweden!  The ALMLOF GALLERY is being launched and operated by Jan Almlöf, whom I met in Norway at the Nordic Light Festival back in April of 2013.  Jan responded to my work at the festival and, as the Editor in Chief of FOTO magazine, he ran an article highlighting my work in the October 2013 issue.  The piece in FOTO was fantastic, and I’m eager to see how the gallery launch and exhibition unfold!


The show at the ALMLOF GALLERY will showcase 26 large prints from my portfolio- 10 of the more recent color images and 16 classic B&W pieces.  Jan has put together a strong selection of some of my favorite work, and I think the exhibition is going to be excellent.  I’m also very excited to visit and looking forward to making the trip to Malmö in the southernmost part of Sweden for the opening!


The Almlof Gallery is already getting some good media coverage in Sweden; a major southern Swedish news source, Sydsvenskan, recently announced the opening of the gallery and the upcoming exhibit:

 From the text: “….[Jan Almlof] made the decision to start an art gallery specializing in photography.  The first photographer that is exhibited is the American Connie Imboden .  “I will start overseas to show that it is not just yet another in a series of galleries showcasing our already famous Swedish photographers.  After Connie Imboden , there will be photographers from France, Norway and Finland, among others.”

The exhibition opens November 8th, 2014 – just around the corner!  I’ll be posting more details soon, in the meantime, here’s the gallery info for any of my Scandinavian friends who might be in the neighborhood:

ALMLOF GALLERY Ehrensvärdsgatan 8 SE 212 13 Malmö Sweden

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