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Book Sale!

We’re cleaning out!

In an attempt to clean out the studio, from now through the holidays I have a selection of books on sale:

Reflections: 25 Years of Photography by Connie Imboden

This is my latest monograph, featuring 150 images that represent some of my favorite discoveries throughout the years, including some never before published black and white images and a selection of the early color work. Putting this book together drew connections between some of the threads that have come up throughout my work from the beginning, and revealed new meaning and metaphors in both old and recent photographs. The reproductions are beautiful, and the essays by A.D. Coleman, Arthur Ollman, and John Wood are eloquent. Hardcover, published by Insight Editions.

Original Price: $50






The limited edition of Reflections comes in a clamshell box and includes a signed and editioned print of Untitled #7146, approx. 9″x12″.  The original price for Reflections L.E. is $500, but is now available for $200.


Connie Imboden: Beauty of DarknessBeauty of Darkness is one of the more popular books I’ve published, including stunning reproductions of images from 1986 – 1998, and poetic essays by A.D. Coleman and Arthur Ollman. I was on press in Verona, Italy to approve each plate produced by Stamperia Valdonega to ensure the highest quality printing. The cloth cover is gorgeous, with a tipped in plate of Untitled #4442, and is protected by a beautifully smooth dust jacket. Hardcover, published by Custom and Limited Editions.

Original Price: $65




There is also a limited edition of Beauty of Darkness available, although I only have a handful left. This one comes in a very nice hard clothbound case,  and includes a signed and editioned print, approx. 9.5″x12.5″.  The original price forBeauty of Darkness L.E. is $600, but is now available for $200. The included print can be selected from Untitled #5802, Untitled #7402, or Untitled #7790. To purchase, click on your choice:


Untitled #5802

*** SOLD OUT ***


Untitled #7402


Untitled #7790


Out of Darkness

Although the regular edition is sold out, I have come across a couple remaining available limited editions of Out of Darkness. This very early monograph highlights my work from 1986 – 1991, including a few images that were never published before or after its publication, the reproductions of which are some of the best I’ve seen. Artfully published by Esther Woerderhoff and FotoFolie, it received a Silver Medal in Switzerland’s illustrious “Schönste Bücher aus aller Welt” (“Most Beautiful Book in the World”) Award in 1992.

The remaining two limited edition copies of Out of Darkness are the last in a signed and numbered collector’s edition of only 150 books. It comes in a white, hard protective case, which has a separate section for the included signed and numbered print enclosed in a matching high quality folio. While this book is not on sale, there are only a couple copies left in the edition, available for $1000.



The included print can be selected from Untitled #1894 or Fire. To purchase, click on your choice:

1988 water

Untitled #1894



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