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2018 – Plethora Magazine, "Issue #7: Automation", Copenhagen, Denmark

2017 – Baltimore Magazine, "The Puppet Master" by Gabriella Souza, February
– The OD Review, "v2.18 / Connie Imboden’s Infirm Delight"

2016 – BmoreArt, "Conversations" Episode #15: Connie Imboden, Interview with Liz Donadio
– The Baltimore Sun, October 14, Interview with Tim Smith

2015 – >>Love is…<< inFocus galerie catalogue
– Little Patuxent Review, COVER Feature, Issue 17-Winter 2015
– The Stone Mag: unveiling the secrets of transmutation, 2015 n. 0

2014 – The Photographer’s Playbook: 307 Assignments and Ideas NORMAL Magazine, No. 4, Autumn 2014

2013 – FOTO, "Connie Imboden, Reflections of Man" October 2013

2010 – Georgia Review, “Danse Macabre” Front and back cover and inside portfolio

2008 – Focus Magazine, “Fire and Water” 1/8/08
– RS Magazine “Connie Imboden” June 2008

2007 - Foto Mundo, “La Oscuradad Divina” June 

2006 – Baltimore Sun, Wednesday April 12, Arts & Society

2005 – Inked Magazine, cover, Spring Premiere Issue

2003 – Baltimore Sun, Sunday November 2, Arts & Society
– Baltimore City Paper, December 3
– Towson Times, December 3, Life Times

2002 – Ag, Volume 29, November, “Running Deeper: The Metamorphesis of
Connie Imboden”, A.D. Coleman
– Photovision: Art & Technique
– Foto & Video, February

2001 – Zoom, July, “Connie Imboden”, David Crosby
–Photographic, July, “Connie Imboden: Troubled Waters”, Jay Jorgensen

2000 – B&W Magazine, June Issue #7

1999 – Baltimore Magazine, September
–Baltimore Sunday Sun, September, Arts and Society
–Photo Metro, Volume 17, Issue 155

1998 – The Photo Review, Fall, Volume 21, Issue #4
–Master Breasts, Aperture Publishing

1997 – Leg, Donna Karan Inc

1995 – Women Artists, The National Museum of Women in the Arts
–Zoom Magazine, Italy
–Photodom Magazine, January “Connie Imboden: Out of Darkness”
–La Matiere L’ombre La Fiction, Jean Claude Lemagny, Bibliotheque
Nationale, France

1994 – Valokuva Finnish Photography, November, Helinski, Finland
–Tradition and the Unpredictable, Catalog for show at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, TX
–Photographies Magazine, January, Milan, Italy

1993 – ViewCamera, September/October

1992 – Photovision, “Archeology of the Body”, #23, Sevilla, Spain
–La Foltgrafia, “Reflejos en el Agua”, Issue #23, Barcelona, Spain
–Vis a Vis, Issue #10, Paris, France
–Photonews, “Imboden: Ein Speiegel Nach Innen”, April, Hamburg,

1991 – Fotopractica, January, Milan, Italy
–Fotografisk Tidskrift, May, Stockholm, Sweden
–Photoblatter, “Connie Imboden: Korper im Wasser”, August,
Frankfurt, Germany
–Camera and Darkroom, August, Beverly Hills, CA
–Idea Magazine, “New Wave Nude Photos”, January, Tokyo, Japan

1990 – Popular Photography, “They Still Shoot Nudes, Don’t They?”,
October, New York, NY
–Insight Magazine, February, Bristol, RI

1989 – Photo Metro Magazine, January
–Photo Design Magazine, February

1988 – Swimmers, Aperture, June
–Exploring Black and White Photography, Brown Publishers
–Photo Review, Winter, “Deep Waters – The Photographs of Connie
–Photo Review, Spring, “The Delaware Portfolio”

1987 – Photo Review, Summer

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