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Illusions: Extending Vision

I’ve taught at the Maine Media Workshops for almost 30 years, and I always love sharing my thoughts and experiences after every summer workshop. Last week, I finished teaching this year’s workshop, “Illusions: Extending Vision” which was offered entirely online through Zoom and a forum based web platform through my own site. Although I’ve tutored many students individually in a similar fashion, this was the first time for me as an instructor hosting such a class, and I have to say, the experience was WONDERFUL!

The class sold out and was a major success, on every level. My students were excellent and so engaged with their work and the process. We were able to have more time to tackle our work together, and the forum platform allowed us to share work, thoughts, ideas and discussions throughout the course. Because of the online format, it was easy to conduct both group and individual critiques.

I couldn’t be happier with the growth and tremendous effort my students displayed, and I’m thrilled to share this video compilation of everyone’s final images. Congratulations to you all, and I’m looking forward to teaching another class in this format again soon!

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