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New work on the website

Just added a handful of new images to the portfolio section of the website!

Working with deeper red gels on one of the models and a new mirror, the most recent work has taken on a disturbing, almost more violent feel. It’s been fascinating to me to see the progression of this work to this point. It hasn’t been my intention to make unsettling images by any means. The materials, lighting, and visual approach just came together to bring out all of these details that amount to this disquieting feeling.

Continuing with this work, I’ve been reminded of some of the earlier work I’ve done with the mirrors- the darker images in particular:

Thinking about this has made me go back and find connections in the current body of work with images I produced as far back as 20 years ago….


I love seeing some of these side by side! The color work brings out relationships in the black & white work, and vice versa. Each era of work seems to enhance meanings and subtleties in the other, and brings new understanding and interpretations.

Mother and Child, 1986

Untitled #04-14-09-462, 2009

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