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Connections, Congruity, and Coincidence

As I've stated many times throughout the years, I work intuitively, and the images I create are often as much of a surprise to me as anyone else. What I frequently find most fascinating in my work are surprising and unintended connections to works throughout history and sometimes even across disciplines. From one year to the next, as my work has evolved both visually and technically, I find images that elicit the qualities of different movements, developments, themes and motifs throughout art history. 

While these connections are incidental and seem to be coincidence, I have come to feel strongly that they are more of an indication of the power of influence and intuition. To be influenced is to engage so deeply with a piece, with a work of art, that it becomes part of you, infecting (guiding? illuminating?) your point of view, challenging your values or just becoming a catalyst for opening yourself to greater experiences. 

I'm not aware of these connections when I'm seeing them through the camera, but because they have impacted me so deeply- often on a very personal level as art has a tendency to do - that I am stirred to click the shutter, picking up the thread that creates these remarkable resemblances and capturing the essence of these connections. Sometimes I may not understand why I am so drawn to an image until I realize the archetype it echoes, and it is work from other artists throughout history that help to articulate the treasures, the significance, or the meanings that lie just below the surface of the work I am making.

This video illustrates some of my favorite connections that have appeared in my work throughout the years- not only linking my images with the work of other artists, but sometimes with my own photographs throughout the decades.

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