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Normal Magazine, Fall 2014

Thanks to Philippe Guedon and the folks over at

Normal Magazine for sending me a copy of the Limited Edition Fall 2014 issue!  I’m very excited to be featured in such a beautiful publication!

Normal Magazine is a fairly new quarterly publication based out of Paris that is devoted to nude fine art photography.  From their website: “Normal makes you discover the intimacy of the greatest contemporary and new talent photographers, through its series of interviews, portfolios and exclusive art, and naked fashion, grouped in about 250 pages. Over the years we have acquired a privileged relationship with the most talented photographers. The team works closely with each photographer on the site, and most have become friends. Supporting quality art, Normal is a digital publication and is available in a limited edition in bookstores, museums and specialty stores.”  

I was immediately VERY impressed with the overall quality of Normal – it’s really more of a magazine book.  The content is very edgy and the reproductions are extremely high quality.  I love the images from my portfolio that they chose to feature – they’re a little edgier than what is normally selected for publication, and they look fantastic in the article.


The piece, sub-titled “The Romantic Obscurantism” is well written, and is fairly deep for a short introduction to my work.  Translated from the article: “She finds her inspiration in the alchemy of water and light, reflection and the naked body submerged. Her images have the power to shock, surprise and push. It is metaphorical poetry through the body and face, an investigation into the human condition. There is a tragic and romantic quiet, reverent and ostentatious.



Hard copies of the limited edition issue are available to order here on the Normal website.  It appears that back issues are becoming available in digital format, and hopefully this edition will be as well at some point.  Will keep you posted…

Thanks again Philippe and Normal Magazine for an excellent piece and including me in your beautiful publication!

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