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What's new for 2024!

How about some website redecorating???

Very excited for a new, more robust website platform and design! Some highlights:

  • The Portfolio illustrates the "greatest hits" and is divided by each "era" of work- while I've worked with the same subject matter and materials since 1986, there are lengths of time focusing on particular aspects, consistent visual elements, simialar approaches or specific materials (ie: underwater in the pool, in the mirrors, etc.)

  • You can view the portfolio as a collection of the whole, and dive deeper into each grouping from there. Every section in the portfolio has a brief, relevant synopsis discussing aspects of the work, such as what I had discovered in that era, life circumstances that may have impacted the work, how the images have evolved, etc.

  • Some images within each portfolio section include captions that delve even further into the work. Some images exemplify key elements that are consistent throughout that particular era, others may have an interesting story related to them, or just my own rambling thoughts on what it may mean to me. While it is never my intention to describe how to experience my work or explain an interpretation of an image, I love sharing my own thoughts and experiences with it, and I'm always interested to hear the same from viewers!

  • The Workshops page has been built to be a little more robust. Clicking an event on the list will give you brief information, while clicking the "READ MORE" button will take you to a more detailed description and how to register. Student work from various workshops- both online and in-person - are also available towards the bottom of the Workshops page.

  • "Insta-con" will display my Instagram profile and grid within the website, where you can also navigate to follow along @connieimboden - please do! Links in LinkTree are also accessible from here and will open in a new window.

  • You can now easily sign up to receive updates sent direct to your email from the top of the Blog page - just enter your email and subscribe! For your safety and privacy, a confirmation link will be sent to your email, so be sure to check your junk folder if you have high security settings for incoming mail :)

As always, thoughts, suggestions, and feedback is always welcome! Reach me through the Contact page or hit up the social media!

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