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2014 Summer Workshops

Every year, I look forward to a handful of workshops that I teach throughout the summer.  This year I’m thrilled to be continuing work with two of my favorites workshops:  The Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, MA and the Maine Media Workshops in Rockport, ME.  As I gear up for these fabulous courses, I’m looking back on some of my previous experiences teaching the wonderful students I’ve had.

The Fine Arts Work Center:

As with many of the other classes I teach, Creativity, Intuition, and Seeing is centered around an intuitive approach to photography and the creative process.   We are taught our whole lives to think things through, be in control, and act with reason rather than intuition, but that approach limits our vision to see just what we expect to see, not what is actually in front of us.  Through exercises, assignments, and discussions, the goal of the workshop is to learn to use the camera as a tool for exploration, and to discover new ways of looking at and experiencing the world around us.

The last students I worked with at FAWC were just incredible, and really managed to grasp what it means to photograph through an intuitive visual process.  Here is just a small selection of some of their outstanding work:

Howard Rubin

Binney Wells

Dreyden Hebb

Laura Ward

Margaret Zaleski


Creativity, Intuition, and Seeing is just around the corner and runs from July 20 – July 25 at The Fine Arts Work Center at 24 Pearl Street, Provincetown MA 02657

The Maine Media Workshops:

The Human Form is a class that is near and dear to my heart.  The body can be a classical and provocative subject, seen in one instance as graceful and alluring while challenging and provocative in another.  It has been an inspiration for artistic expression for centuries, and through working with it as subject matter has the potential to explore assumptions of beauty, our understanding of “self” and humanity, and the mysterious dynamics between body and spirit, body and mind.  Similar to my class at FAWC, The Human Form is a class that encourages an intuitive approach to working with this wonderful subject as a means to challenge the typical framework with which we make sense of the body.  The work my students have produced throughout the course of the workshop is always astounding, with everyone creating images that are unique and liberating for such a profoundly popular subject.  Here are some of the photographs from my 2013 MMW class:

Mark Harris

Amber Laurent

Charlie Lemay

Enrique Monasterio

Ruth Steinberg

Harry Ulmen


The Human Body is taught when the weather in Maine is GORGEOUS, from August 17 – August 23, at The Maine Media Workshops, 70 Camden St, Rockport ME 04856

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