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FOTO, October 2013

After my lecture and exhibit in Norway for the Nordic Light International Festival of Photography, I was approached by a Swedish photography publication called FOTO. My work was very well received at the festival, and the magazine wanted to highlight my work with a portfolio spread and article to be featured in the October 2013 issue. I just received a copy of the issue in the mail recently, and it looks fantastic:

The reproductions in the article are not only extensive, but the quality is outstanding. I was really impressed with how well both the black & white and color images printed.

The piece is called “Connie Imboden: Reflections of Man”, and opens with one of the more startling and daring images from my portfolio. It also shows a picture of me in front of the pool, with an arrow pointing to “Den svartmålade poolen” (“The black-painted pool”):

The text reads:

“Det finns en röd tråd i Connie Imbodens arbete. Ett tema som föddes ur en stark rädsla för vatten i kombination med en fascination för människokroppen. Nu är rädslan försvunnen. Och motivvärlden lever vidare. Text och porträttfoto: Catarina Åström”

(There is a common thread in Connie Imboden’s work. One theme that was born from a strong fear of water, combined with a fascination for the human body. Now the fear is gone. And the design world lives on. Text and portrait photo: Catarina Åström)

The quote above the last page featuring Sainthood reads: “Jag tror verkligen att fotografin räddade mitt liv. Eller åtminstone gjorde att jag hittade något som hjälpte mig emotionellt.”

(“I truly believe that photography saved my life. Or at least that I found something that helped me emotionally.”)

Big thanks to the folks at FOTO, I’m honored to be included in your magazine!

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